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Global & Local Economic Review, founded in 1999, is a biannual journal indexed by EconLit, American Economic Association. The journal welcomes contributions from economics as well as other social science disciplines. Within this orientation, the journal provides a focus on economics research with an emphasis on both institutional and critical perspectives, the provision and use of empirical evidence, and the effective construction of policies. The Editors also strongly encourage submissions in emerging fields of economics, engaging with real-world problems, and having the chance to make a significant contribution on local and global economic issues. 



Vol. 22 No. 2, 2018

Special issue in honour of

Bruno de Finetti


Vol. 17 No. 1, 2013

Special issue in honour of Anwar Shaikh

















Volume 24  No. 2                                                                                                  2020




Volume 20  No. 1                                                                                                  2016



Volume 20  No. 1                                                                                                  2016

  Cesare Pozzi, Umberto Monarca, Giuseppe Surdi

Electric vehicle evolution: issues and policy implications (download PDF)


 Abida Shahzadi, Muhammad Rizwan Yaseen, Sofia Anwar

Effect of globalization on the knowledge economy through governance, peace and stability in low-income countries (download PDF)


  Muhammad Afnan Raza, Ghaffar Ali, Ali Sohail, Mohammad Fayaz, Shah Fahad, Mian Ziaud Din, Salman Khan, Sana Ullah, Younas Raza, Nasr Ullah

An empirical study of the nexus among imports, exports and economic growth in Pakistan (download PDF)


  Gulzar Ali

Can the service sector act as an engine of growth for the economy of Pakistan? an empirical investigation with an error correction model (download PDF)


  Muhammad Adnan Bashir, Bin Sheng, Muhammad Umar Farooq, Muhammad Farhan Bashir, Umer Shahzad

The role of macroeconomic and institutional factors in foreign direct investment and economic growth: empirical evidence in the context of emerging economies (download PDF)








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